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Turning The Other Cheek

Anastasia was the school bully, saying that’s the way others treated her. But after she bullied Sasha, Sasha’s mum came up with a brilliant plan that changed the bully’s life for good. Watch her amazing transformation!

Love Your Enemies and Pray For Those Who Persecute You

Nine-year-old Sasha loved everything about going to school except for one thing: a girl named Anastasia who bullied her.

“She called me names and wanted to fight,” Sasha said. “I was so hurt, but I was also afraid of her.”

Anastasia believed it was ok to pick on the smaller girls. She shared she’d been bullied herself.

“I pushed other kids around because I wanted them to feel the pain that I had felt,” with tears flooding her eyes.

One day the bullying got so bad that Sasha came home crying. She told her mum everything that Anastasia had done to her.

“At first, I wanted to run there and fight for my child,” said Sasha’s mum Zhanna. “But then Sasha and I decided to pray for her!”

“My mum suggested that I invite Anastasia to my house, where we have a Superbook club,” added Sasha.

At first, Anastasia refused but later decided to come. That day they watched the Superbook episode “He is Risen.”

“When I saw they were nailing Jesus’ hands to the wood, I felt very sorry for Him,” again with tear-filled eyes. “I wanted to save him! I learned that Jesus paid a high price for my sins. After watching, I prayed and asked Jesus to forgive me!”

“After we prayed together with her, we began to see big changes in Anastasia’s life,” added Zhanna.

“Before I got angry. Now I don’t do that. It’s because God changed my heart! The Superbook cartoon changed me. I now realise that God can help me in any situation. I learned that being kind is better than being mean,” said Anastasia. She stopped bullying Sasha, and the two have now become good friends.

“We play together. We are good friends now,” said Sasha. “I want to say thank you to everyone who helped make such great cartoons! Thank you.”

“Before I got angry. Now I don’t do that. It’s because God changed my heart!”

Did you know? Stories like Sasha’s and Anastasia’s are only possible thanks to the donations of our partners around the globe.

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