A New Oven for Natividad. CBN Disaster Relief

Tortillas, they’ve been made by hand and cooked in clay ovens for generations. They also provided income for families in Oaxaca, southern Mexico, until two earthquakes struck in one month.

Damaged roads and buildings from the first quake were destroyed by the second. Most people like Natividad Sanchez and her husband, Roberto, lost everything, including their ovens.

Roberto said, “That’s her work, making and selling tortillas. But because our kitchen collapsed, it’s like having a broken arm.”

Natividad said with tears, “It has been very hard. I feel bad because I don’t have a way to make money, to buy food for me and my family.”

The CBN Disaster Relief Team praying with Natividad and Roberto

While CBN delivered food and other disaster relief items to the area, a neighbour told us about the Sanchez family. We gave them a new pot, bricks and other supplies needed to build a new oven.

“We felt the love of Jesus through the help people gave us… with God, I know we will move forward.”

After the oven was finished, we told them that it was Jesus who made this possible. They wanted to know more about Him, and soon, they were ready to ask Jesus to be their Saviour.

“We felt the love of Jesus through the help people gave us,” said Natividad. “We have gone through scary times, but with God, I know we will move forward.”

Later, we revisited their family. Natividad was busy preparing one of many orders she has received for tortillas.

Natividad happily said, “I thank all the people who helped me and my family.”

Natividad smiling thanks to CBN Disaster Relief
Natividad smiling because of her new relationship with Jesus

Did you know? CBN Disaster Relief provides emergency aid and spreads the gospel wherever disaster strikes. Your support is helping desperate people like Natividad all over the world. Thank you for making miracles happen!

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