Answered Prayer – How To Pray Effectively and See God Work in Your Life


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In this DVD, Answered Prayer: How to Pray Effectively and See God Work in Your Life, Pat Robertson, interviewed by Scott Ross, answers the questions regarding prayer and seeing your prayers answered. Pat shares remarkable stories about miraculous answers to prayer and what he has learned on his extraordinary journey through life.

This exclusive new teaching DVD reveals:

  • Key insights on how to access and experience God’s favour.
  • Identify the secrets to gaining wisdom and blessing through prayer.
  • How the words you speak can affect the prayers you pray.
  • How to avoid hindrances to effective prayer that limit God’s blessing.
  • The one thing to never do when waiting for an answer to prayer.

Plus, your faith will be strengthened as you see these inspirational true stories of people who have encountered God’s life-changing power through prayer:

  • Buried by an avalanche. The story of two young men who faced a life-or-death situation and how God intervened to save them.
  • On the verge of financial ruin, a man prayed and acted on faith—and then miraculously saw the hand of God.
  • Electrocuted by 12,000 volts, this husband was dying—until his wife prayed.

As you witness God’s acts of power in these modern-day miracles, you’ll experience a new level of faith to see God work in your life, too. What God has done for one, He will do for you!


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