Are Some Jobs Less ‘Christian’ Than Others?

By Fin Sheridan

What’s the difference between a ‘Christian’ job and a ‘non-Christian’ job? Have you ever thought about it? It’s easy to think about your pastor or church leader having a ‘Christian’ job and everyone who doesn’t work in a religious environment as having a ‘non-Christian’ or secular role. Now, that’s a fairly clear distinction – although being a Christian at work is an essential part of following God and work should never be something separate from our spiritual life.

Are there, however, some jobs that are less ‘Christian’ than others? The easy answer is yes – anything that involves illegal activity would be a start. Drug Dealer is not a valid career choice for someone following Jesus wholeheartedly. Perhaps the better question is “Are there some jobs where it is easier to be a Christian?”.

I have a friend who is in a band; a band that is starting to become quite successful. That’s his “job” but it’s also his life – it’s not just 9-5. They go on tour, they spend long days working together and the environments that he’s in are often quite hostile to Christianity. CBN Europe also recently interviewed Brian “Head” Welch (keep your eyes peeled for that interview releasing soon!) who has an incredible story of faith within the metal music scene. He talks about having to leave his multi platinum selling band, Korn, in order to gain a stronger faith.

“We cannot blame the darkness for being dark – we should just get on with shining light into it.”

Is that any different from any other job? Is working on a building site or a supermarket or an insurance office any easier? In our increasingly secular society, there’s not many places where it’s easy to be a Christian – perhaps there are just places where it’s less hard. We shouldn’t be surprised by this: Jesus himself seemed to think that following him would come with a cost. He talked about “carrying our cross” to follow him, that we will have to deny ourselves, reject the approval of people in favour of living for God.

Perhaps it’s not about finding the easiest place to be a Christian, then. We can be so quick to blame our circumstances and use that as an excuse. We look for a get-out clause when it’s the plain ole’ fear of man that stops us from stepping out, speaking out and reaching out. We cannot blame the darkness for being dark – we should just get on with shining light into it.


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