Challenges of a Single Father.

Den is a single dad. He’s been raising his 3-year-old daughter Grace ever since his ex-wife took her older daughter and left. But Den has received help as a single parent from a child care centre in Thailand supported by CBN’s Orphan’s Promise. “I didn’t know how to take care of my daughter, but the sta here gave me lots of advice,” Den recalled. “I trust them because they take very good care of Grace.”

Den had provided financially for Grace’s needs by working part-time in an aluminium shop. It was the only work he could find.

Then he learned that his 6-year-old stepdaughter Ohmee was going to be abandoned at an orphanage!

“I was shocked,” said Den, remembering the call he received. “I was close to my stepdaughter and couldn’t imagine why her mother would leave her too. I talked to my pastor and prayed about what to do.”

“Thank you, Orphan’s Promise! You have blessed my heart.”

Den decided to take in his stepdaughter and raise her too. But this put a huge strain on his finances. “When I’m hungry, my tummy hurts very bad,” said 3-year-old Grace.

Den remembers the day he was down to his last 60 cents.

“I didn’t have money to buy food. So we went to my sister’s house and ate a meal there every day for a month. I felt so discouraged. I wanted to do better for my daughters.”

With some help from CBN’s Orphan’s Promise Den was able to do that. We gave him everything he needed to start an aluminium shop at home! He now makes doors, windows, shelves, and other items for houses and businesses in the community. His income has tripled and his children no longer go hungry.

“We feel God’s love and acceptance through Orphan’s Promise,” said Den. “Thank you for being like family to us.”

“Thank you Orphan’s Promise!” added Grace with a smile.


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