Don’t Just Sit In A Row – Join A Circle

By Fin Sheridan

Today, millions of us will go to church. There’s differences in style, taste and format: some will be in traditional buildings, others in cool, developed warehouses. Sometimes the Pastor will wear a suit, other times, jeans and t shirt. Some of us will hear guitars and drums, others will listen to a choir and organ.

Despite the differences, the chances are that we will all have at least one thing in common – we will stand in rows. The chairs will be of varying degrees of comfiness but most of our Sunday church experience is spent standing or sitting in a row. Our interaction is with what’s happening at the front of room and, sometimes with the people sat on either side of us.

This is practical and important; rows are a good way of seating a group of people with a fixed focus point. However, if we’re not careful we can miss out an essential part of being a part of a church – community. We can walk in, sit and stand in a row and walk out again, without any meaningful connection with anyone else who is there.

If you’re feeling lonely, isolated or alone, then finding a church or a small group is part of God’s plan to set you free!

When put like that, going to church can look just like going to the cinema. It’s always puzzled me why people like going to the cinema in a group or as a date: it’s not an activity designed for connection or conversation! The chances are, your church or pastor knows that sitting in rows isn’t going to give you the connection with other Christians that is so important. Many churches have small groups, chances to move from sitting in a row to sitting in a circle – an opportunity for connection, friendship, growth and love.

If you’re feeling lonely, isolated or alone, then finding a church or a small group is part of God’s plan to set you free. If you’re already in a church but aren’t feeling a part of things, then ask yourself “Do I need to be part of a small group?”. Don’t just sit in a row. Join a circle.

If you’re not connected into a local church then this a great tool to help you find you: Or, why not call our prayer centre on 0300 561 0700? Our prayer team would love to talk with you, pray for you and help you get connected.



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