Everything Made New

By Jordan Snowzell

“He who was seated on the throne said, ‘I am making everything new!” Then he said, “Write this down, for these words are trustworthy and true.” Revelation 21:5

“I am making everything new” This is such an incredible scripture and one that so many of us christians love to quote and speak over ourselves and others.

 “I’m having financial difficulties” ‘It’s okay, God is going to make everything new’

“I’m struggling with anxiety” ‘God will change it, he makes everything new’

“I’m having marriage problems” ‘No worries, God will make it new.’

But one thing that I find interesting in this scripture is that God says “I am making everything new” EVERYTHING. We sometimes lift up a problem to God and say “Hey God can you make this one thing new”, something that’s frustrating us or something we’re struggling with but we aren’t so quick to have everything changed. We want God to change bits and bobs, things here and there but not necessarily everything. But maybe He wants to change our character, our attitudes, our opinions, our heart as well as our problems.

He wants to change our character, our attitudes, our opinions, our heart as well as our problems.

“I’m having financial difficulties” Okay, God wants to help, he knows your struggle, but are you tithing? Are you being generous? Because he wants to make your attitude towards money new as well. Maybe he wants to loosen the grip on your tight fist.

“I’m struggling with anxiety” God understands the way you feel, he does. He wants to make it new but maybe it starts with you spending less time on Facebook and more time in his presence, maybe he wants to make your time with him new and in doing so be able to replace anxiety with courage.

“I’m having marriage problems” God can and will make it new but it might start with making you new. Maybe it’s your attitude, your jealousy, your lack of patience that also needs to be handed over and made new.

This scripture is incredibly challenging. God wants to make everything new and he means everything. He wants to turn you inside out and upside down for the best. He wants to make us more like Jesus and yes that can be hard and that can be challenging but it is the best change we can ever know.

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