Fighting Indifference in 2017

By Fin Sheridan

Part of having a 24 hour news cycle is the awareness of the many needs in the world. Our phones and TVs give us instant access to images, videos and reports from around the world, bringing up to date information, both heartwarming and horrific.

Unfortunately, awareness can easily spill into overexposure. We become so used to seeing children in poverty, refugees fleeing wars and the urban homeless that it stops affecting us. It becomes normal and when something becomes normal, it’s only a matter of time before it becomes acceptable.

Not acceptable in the “I endorse this suffering” sense but acceptable in the “I’ve seen this before and it’s just a part of life” sense. We stop taking notice of charity appeals, fundraising concerts and humanitarian adverts. We don’t respond. My generation is especially guilty of this. With a perception that we don’t have the money – even as I type this on an expensive laptop – and being raised amongst the regular rhythm of Comic Relief, Sports Relief, Children in Need, Red Nose Day, etc etc, we are dulled to the need around this.

The good news is that it’s never too late to shake off apathy and indifference!

Maybe 2017 is the year you start partner with an organisation. Here’s 3 suggestions that might strike a chord with you.

CBN Orphan’s Promise:

CBN shares the Gospel in practical ways such as disaster relief, digging wells and providing for orphans across the world.

Hope for Justice:

A UK based organisation that aims to bring an end to modern slavery through rescuing victims, restoring lives and reforming society.

Open Doors:

For 60 years, Open Doors have been helping and serving the persecuted church in countries where they don’t enjoy the religious freedoms that we do.

Overcoming Depression

Overcoming Fear of Death

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  • Gladys Winstanley

    Started supporting Open Doors about 60 years ago in Liverpool UK after attending some meetings around the city. One must excuse me as my memory is failing me on names. I think it was BROTHER ANDREW my Daughters and I met. ( lovely Gentleman ) our youth fellowship did their best to support. If I remember correctly , Sir Cliff, was involved at the time.

    • Fin Sheridan

      Wow, that’s great Gladys! Thank you for commenting. Have a wonderful day!

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