Fresh Starts

By Jordan Snowzell

I stand amongst the ruins of my past. The memories I wish to forget stand all around me, stretching high and wide, mocking me from every side.

Their crumbling walls fall upon my hopes, their defaced pillars distort my dreams.

They stand tall and proud reminding me of every time I’ve hurt or been hurt. They whisper every past failure and fall.

This is the museum of my mistakes, the great gallery of my regrets. I take the grand tour over and over again in my mind, dwelling on that that I cannot change.

“But I look to the hills, they glimmer with hope.”

The God of second chances, the author of fresh starts calls my name.

Despite my past he gives me a future.

He sees me, he knows every detail and yet he forgives me.

He calls me out of the ruins and into his great light.

He writes me a new story and asks if I’m willing to step into it.

Every passing minute is a chance to turn it all around.

And in this minute, in this moment, I choose to leave the past in the past and step into the new.

My history no longer writes my future and what’s behind can no longer forge what’s ahead.

Change is on the horizon.

So open your eyes, breath in this fresh start, for today doesn’t have to be like the rest, for today is a new day.

Stuck or Safe?

Embrace Your Journey

 in God, Read

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