How To Have Christmas In January

By Fin Sheridan

Christmas is a distant memory. Filled with family time and with plenty to do, it can be an excellent time to remind us all of what really matters – that the 9-5 grind is worth it for the reward of special moments with those we love the most. During the holidays, the rush of commuting and swimming lessons and after-school clubs and parents evenings all fades into a foggy past, and all that you know is BBC Christmas Specials, naps and pigs in blankets.

We’re in January now though and for most parents, life has resumed its chaotic norm. We can’t preserve Christmas but we can try and bring the principle of “dedicated family time” into our everyday.

Here’s a couple of cheap (mostly free!) suggestions that can give a bit of Christmas cheer to your January and even the rest of 2017!

“Part of the joy of Christmas is that we remember.”

  • Turn the mundane tasks into Quality Time. This doesn’t have to be a dedicated treat day for every child you have. Dad’s, this might look like taking your son with you to the tip or asking them to help you with something (even if you don’t need the help). Mum’s, maybe ask your kids to help with meal planning the week. It gets a chore done and helps them feel like they are a part of things!
  • No screens at the table. I know it seems impossible but for thousands of years, mankind has managed to eat as a family without a single person checking a phone, watching TV or playing on the iPad. You can do it!
  • Church together. There’s nothing – literally nothing – that will transform your family life like being connected to a local church as a family. Don’t just attend, serve and where possible, serve together. Your children will thank you for it, I promise you.
  • Practice Gratitude. Part of the joy of Christmas is that we remember. We remember how blessed we are, we remember why we wanted to have a family in the first place, we remember what we love. Well, practice remembering that during drizzly January school runs. It can transform your perspective.


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