Making Your Commute More Spiritual

By Fin Sheridan

In 2015, a study by OnePoll, on behalf of public transport app, Moovit showed that the average time that UK people spend commuting was 49 minutes each way. Fast forward to 2017 and that number has almost certainly risen with the combination of house prices, job availability and employer expectations all playing a factor.

So, if many of us spend over an hour and half travelling, 5 days a week, what do we do with that time? That’s not an insignificant amount of our day – more time than we’d probably like to think about. Well, the options are practically endless, depending on what method of transport you’re on. I saw on the news a few months ago, a group of commuters had formed friendships over time and regularly socialised together on the train. They even threw a Christmas party on their way to work for the rest of the passengers!

“Capture your commute and harness it for something more than just games on your iPad…”

We can often feel pressed for time, especially when it comes to making time for things that benefit us spiritually. Rather than a guilt trip about this, let’s try something else – how about redeeming your work trip? Capturing your commute and harnessing it for something more than just games on your iPad can be a brilliant way to carve out some time for something meaningful and beneficial.

Here’s a few suggestions:

Podcasting: Podcasts are an excellent way to learn but are also excellent for helping you grow in your faith. Got a favourite preacher? Seen someone on the 700 Club and want to connect more with their teaching or ideas? Why not see if they have a podcast? Best of all, they’re almost always free!

Read your Bible: How many of us feel like we don’t have enough time in God’s word? Imagine if you took your commute and made that a part of your devotional time?! You’d notice the difference.

Read CBN READ: Okay, maybe this is a little cheeky. But we’ve got a whole selection of articles and devotionals that’ll really encourage and inspire you!

Pray: What better use for your time could there be than to connect with God? Whether out loud (if you’re in a car) or silently, just talk to God about your day, the things on your mind or whatever you want!


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