Moments, Monuments and the Mundane

Adam Howard CBN Europe | Content and Marketing Assistant
by Adam Howard

Content Coordinator, CBN Europe

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The church calendar can sometimes feel rather full, so I have been thinking about how we structure our church life recently. I began to wonder, do we live from one event to the other, waiting for the next ‘moment’ to happen, blinkered to the here and now? Are we missing the miracle in the mundane, as we long for the next gathered high? 

I love an event as much as the next guy. There is nothing wrong with those type of meetings, but what is it that makes these gatherings seem more significant. I’ve wrestled with it for some time and I think it often comes down to one thing; expectancy.  

Large scale events often come with a well thought out marketing strategy. They are designed to pique our interest and building our levels of excitement and anticipation. We would book time off work to attend, sort out baby-sitters and reschedule meetings in order to make sure we are there. I wonder whether we would be as eager to do this kind of thing for a Sunday at church. 

I don’t know about you, but I have found that some of the most significant times in my life with God have happened in moments like these. As I thought a little deeper, I began to realise that maybe it was less about the event itself and more about my preparation and posture heading into it. I had purposefully set time aside, focused on the reason to gather and been expectant for God to speak. The thing is, there’s nothing stopping us from doing that every day. 

Let’s be honest though, the routine, mundane things of the everyday isn’t flashy or spectacular. We become accustomed to the look and feel of those days, so it is a natural response to be more excited by the new and one-off. But what would happen if those ‘moments’ could happen every day? 

Maybe it was less about the event itself and more about my preparation and posture heading into it.

The truth is that God wants to speak. He wants you to encounter Him and be transformed in His presence – daily. We so often want to take those ‘moments’ of significance and make them last as long as possible. The disciples did the same! We see in Matthew 17 when Peter, James and John experience a moment of heaven and earth colliding, Peter’s response is a desire to prolong it. It says; 

“Peter said to Jesus, “Lord, it is good that we are here. If you want, I will put up three tents here—one for you, one for Moses, and one for Elijah.” – Matthew 17:4 (NCV) 

Peter wasn’t wrong. It really was good that they were there, but it wasn’t their final destination. Significant moments with God aren’t intended for us to sit in. Rather they are to further propel us into our future. We, however, often fall into the same camp as Peter. We long to dwell in and build a monument to the moment, instead of to the one who met us there.  

I wonder how many opportunities and encounters I have missed because I have failed to see the beauty and the miraculous in the mundane. That is by no means condemning because He is gracious and works all things for our good, but it is a challenge.  

We cannot change what has gone before, but we can make a conscious decision to do things differently as we head forward. Ask Him to help you see those things, the people and situations that you encounter every day in which you can bring hope. I promise you that as your expectancy in the routine begins to increase, you will begin to see God at work not just in the conference or gathered moments, but in the school yards, supermarkets and even at the sink as you do the washing up.  

Let me encourage you today to ask God to open your eyes to the miracle in the mundane. 

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