The Friendship Revolution

By Fin Sheridan

Today is “World Friendship Day” (I know, I’m pretty sure they make up a holiday for every day now) and so here’s a throwback to a post from earlier in the year about the power that ordinary friendships can have!

Often I fall into the trap of thinking that, in order to change the world, I have to do something big. Martin Luther Day comes around and I realise I’m nowhere near inspiring national change, like he did. I watch movies with heroes and heroines that save cities and communities, even countries. Stories of men and women doing heroic acts, standing against injustice, stemming the tide of evil – these are the tales that we love to tell.

But what of ordinary heroism? How can we start little love revolutions in our normal, everyday living? What does it look like to not just change the world globally, but change the world around you? I think one of the most dynamic things that we can do is be a good friend.

It doesn’t sound very revolutionary, does it? “Friend” is an everyday word, “friendship” a normal concept. But our friends make a tremendous difference. It’s said that we are the sum total of the 5 people that we spend most of our time with. Whilst that’s up for debate, what is true is that those that we surround ourselves with shape who we are. They are the voices we trust. A friend can shatter or nourish your dreams. A friend can get you out of a rut or they can ensure you stay there.

“Being a good friend to others will lead to long term relationships in your life that are fruitful, nourishing and glorifying to God.”

Maybe a friendship revolution won’t make “Breaking News” but there’s no doubt that it can change your life. Being a good friend to others will lead to long term relationships in your life that are fruitful, nourishing and glorifying to God.

Take the time to learn what matters to your friends and then give energy and time into doing that. Do they need words of encouragement? Take the 30 seconds that it takes to send a text and invest that with a message, cheering them on. See something inexpensive that you know they’d appreciate? Go ahead, buy it for them.

Knowing and being known is one of the most wonderful experiences. Having people who know who you really are, who understand you and who love you, and want you to do that for them in return, is one of God’s best gifts to us. So, maybe today is the day for revolution.

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