The Search For Approval

By Fin Sheridan

If you’re a fan of Scottish alternative rock bands from the 1980’s (and I know there’s a lot of you out there), you’ll probably be familiar with the band “Del Amitri”. Amongst hits such as “Always The Last to Know” and “Roll To Me”, they also had a song called “Tell Her This.”

“Tell Her This” was written all about trying to convince a girl that the singer missed her and contained the unusual line:

“Tell her something in my heart needs her more than even clowns need the laughter of the crowd.”

Now, I don’t know what you feel about clowns (personally I’m not as scared of them as some people are but I still think they’re weird…) but the idea that clowns need laughter makes me feel kinda sorry for them.

“Yet God, the only one who can fully know us, fully loves us.”

The truth is,  we all need approval from somewhere. We have to have it. It’s necessary for the human spirit to flourish. Without it, we wither. Our lives are an approval quest: from parents, lovers, employers, pastors, we search and search, looking for someone to validate and confirm us. We can become addicted to it; like clowns, needing the laughter of the crowd.

Our addiction to approval, to the “well done”, to the “you are good enough” is a distortion of the desire for God that he placed within us. At Jesus’ baptism, we see the Father approving of the Son; answering the Big Question for Jesus and reminding us where true approval comes from. Often, in our search for approval, we hide parts of who we are in order to gain acceptance. Yet God, the only one who can fully know us, fully loves us. We don’t have to hide. The search for approval can be over…

If you’re struggling with a need for approval and would like someone to pray with you, you can call our prayer centre. We’re open for your calls, 8am-8pm, Monday-Friday and until 12pm on Saturdays. Why not call us on 0300 561 0700?

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