The Simplest Law Of Love

By Issy Baldwin

Growing up my parents would always say ‘treat others how you want to be treated’, I just assumed this was a classic line used by adults to stop their children from getting into fights with their siblings (I grew up with an older brother and apparently fighting was the only way to have fun). Only when I started following Jesus, I discovered that this was in fact a principle straight from the Bible. In Luke 6:31 it says, ‘And as you wish that others would do to you, do so to them.’ This verse can so easily be overlooked and we can just say it because it’s easy to remember, but what would happen if we were to truly know and live this scripture?

In every relationship we should be reflecting this attitude of Jesus; whether that’s with your annoying neighbour, loving cousin or an old friend we should be serving them with the posture that Jesus has served us. When I think of Luke 6:31 I think of actions. How can you bless someone, or show someone that they are loved? Imagine what your community would look like if you started giving out a small blessing to someone in your neighbourhood or friendship circle?

For example, I recently went to see my brother and his family. On the way I stopped at the local shop and whilst in the queue, spotted a modest bunch of pink roses. I knew it was only a small gesture, but I bought them for my sister-in-law as a gift. These humble expressions of love are how we can do the work of Jesus and live by His word daily.

When we bless, love or give to others, do it with the expectation of sowing and not receiving. God wants to see the condition of our hearts and how much we are willing to live out the Gospel each day. Challenge yourself this week; think of a relationship you have and what a difference it would make if you could be Jesus to them. Challenge yourself to create a culture around you of genuinely loving others, not to receive but to walk in the centre of God’s will.

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