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A Miracle in Thailand

When 10-year-old Dao and her little brother went to live with their grandmother, the transition was difficult. As a result, Dao began to rebel. But that all changed when she attended church and learned about Job through CBN Animation’s Superbook. Watch the love of God transform her heart!

Powerful Prayers

10-year-old Dao and her little brother went to live with their grandparents after their mother abandoned them. But after only a few weeks, Dao wasn’t sure she liked the new living arrangements. Grandma Pinyo faced challenges with Dao from the beginning.

“Dao wouldn’t listen to me and always argued with me,” recalled Grandma Pinyo. “I didn’t know what to do. I felt so discouraged even after a short time.”

“Whenever Grandma asked me to help her with the chores, I always told her I would do it. But I never did,” said Dao.

Dao’s grandparents prayed for their grandkids and took them to church. The kids went to Sunday School where Dao watched the Superbook episode about Job.

“I saw that bad things happened to Job. He had boils on his body, his children died, his friends left. His wife told him to turn away from God. But Job was very patient. He knelt down and praised God. He had great faith,” recalled Dao.

“Dao’s grandparents prayed for their grandkids and took them to church.”

A New Heart

When Dao came home after watching Superbook, she prayed in her room to become a Christian. “I felt Jesus was speaking to me,” she said. “He told me to have faith in Him and to follow Him.”

Grandma Pinyo was amazed by the dramatic change she saw in Dao. “She said, ‘Grandma, from now on, I’ll obey you. I’ll help you do the dishes and the laundry. I’ll do everything you ask,’” recalled Grandma Pinyo.

Grandma Pinyo asked Dao to help her with something else. “I don’t know how to read very well, and now she helps me read the Bible!” said Grandma. “Dao has become a new person! I’m so glad that she believes in Jesus and follows Him.”

Soon after, Dao invited her friend, Ink to Sunday School. After she watched the Superbook episode, “The Fiery Furnace,” Ink prayed to become a Christian too. “I really like Superbook,” said Ink. “God delivered the three men from the fire. It makes me know that always protect me too!”

“I’m so happy that I got to share God’s love with my friend,” said Dao. “We love Superbook!”

“I felt Jesus was speaking to me,” she said. “He told me to have faith in Him and to follow Him.”

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