At an age when most kids love playing with their friends, Cheryl was always by herself. She said, “When other kids bullied me, it hurt my feelings. No one played with me, so I stayed away from everyone.”

Cheryl found some escape watching cartoons. One day, while surfing channels, she came across CBN’s Superbook. Cheryl said, “When I first watched Superbook, I saw the story of Daniel. He was not afraid to be in the lions’ den. He trusted God and God protected him.” 

Every week, she learned something new about God. Soon, she noticed some changes in her attitude. “I am not afraid to talk to my classmates or people anymore,” said Cheryl. “I am even the class captain. Superbook changed how I feel about myself.”

A brand new Superbook Academy curriculum has been introduced to her church. Thousands of children in India are going through the Superbook Academy curriculum in centres, and the show is being broadcast nationwide with viewership in the millions. Superbook is changing children’s lives!

If you would like Superbook Academy material for your church, why not head over to the Superbook Academy website for more information. 

“Superbook changed how I feel about myself.”

 – Cheryl, India


Eight-year-old Shine lives in Myanmar. Like most children, he loved to play but didn’t like doing chores around the house. When his mother, Daw, gave him guidance, Shine was defiant. He often argued with her and refused to obey.  

Then one day, Shine was invited to a Sunday school class where he watched an episode of Superbook for the very first time. “I learned that arguing and disobeying is a sin,” he explained. At the end of the class Shine decided he wanted to live for Jesus. “When I prayed to Him, I felt calm in my chest.”  

Daw noticed a change in her son. “He doesn’t get angry as much, and he obeys me,” she said. Now, Shine invites friends to watch Superbook with him. “Thanks to Superbook, I know that God is always with me!”  

We are so grateful to God that He would use the Superbook ministry to encourage so many children from around the world!

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The Superbook Team

P.s. Don’t forget that you can watch Superbook on TBN channel 65 Freeview and 582 Sky every Friday at 4.30pm and Saturday at 8.30am.

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