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International News!

Superbook is sweeping Romania and reaching children across the country. CBN in partnership with Alfa Omega TV is making Superbook, or Cartea Cartilor as it’s known in Romania, available on many platforms in the Romanian language.

Currently, it is broadcasting seasons one and two nationwide on over 35 affiliate stations. Romanian children are actively seeking the gospel via Superbook online too! The website is experiencing 14,000 unique visitors a month. 800 children so far have professed their faith after seeing the Gospel Presentation online. There have been seven large-scale live Superbook events in Romania, averaging 200 children each in attendance. In addition, DVDs in Romanian are selling in seasons 1 and 2.

Whether through broadcast, online or in person, Superbook is winning children’s hearts for the Lord!

“Whether through broadcast, online or in person, Superbook is winning children’s hearts for the Lord!”

It’s conference time!

This month, we will be heading to the Elim Leadership Summit (a conference for leaders of the Elim church movement) to help spread the word about Superbook Academy. This is an excellent opportunity to network, meet lots of new people and share how Superbook Academy can bless and enrich their ministry. Please join us in prayer as we meet with potential new friends of Superbook!

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P.s. Don’t forget that you can watch Superbook on TBN channel 65 Freeview and 582 Sky every Friday at 4.30pm and Saturday at 8.30am.

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