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Elijah and the widow

Join Chris, Joy and their robot friend Gizmo as they embark on another Superbook adventure!

Chris can’t understand why his mum is sending him to so many different shops. Should he follow her instructions anyway?

It’s a wild adventure as Superbook takes Chris, Joy and Gizmo to meet the prophet, Elijah. Discover how he obeys without question, even when God sends him into enemy territory. Witness miracles as the Lord uses a poor widow to feed him and then raises her son to life!

The children learn to trust God’s mysterious ways.

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“The children learn to trust God’s mysterious ways”

Superbook in Europe!

New Generation Mission from Bytom in Poland is one of our Superbook ministry partners. In February this year, they started a Superbook Video Club for children with difficult family backgrounds, showing Superbook episodes, starting with Season 1. 

From February to May 2018, there were 4 Children’s Video Clubs screening Superbook. On 3rd February, 37 children participated in this Video Club! 3 volunteers helped with the preparation and running of the Club. During the Video Club, children receive free popcorn and drinks. Children take part in a quiz that is based on the theme and main message of the episode. They also play games with prizes and create their own Gizmo puzzle.  

After watching the episode and playing games they sing and dance along to the Salvation Poem Song. At the end of each meeting, the children listen to teaching from the Bible and think about whether they would like to follow Jesus. At each meeting, 90% of children gave their lives to Jesus and declared to live for Him. Praise God for this wonderful work happening in Europe!

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