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Be a part of our fundraising so children around the world can have a life-changing relationship with Jesus  

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Run, jog or walk 5k

Make a difference to children across the UK and Europe. Together, we can provide humanitarian support to vulnerable children across Europe and translate Superbook into new languages reaching more children with the Bible. All across the UK, people are taking part in their gardens, parks, or even on their balconies! You can run, walk or jog anywhere you have space to.


Step 1 – Sign Up

For joining in the Superbook 5k you will receive a Superbook T-Shirt, Medal and Fundraising sheet for each person taking part. You can choose your t-shirt size when you sign up, and these will be sent you in the post.


Step 2 – Start Fundraising

Start fundraising! Spread to the word to your friends and family, and ask them to support you in raising money for Superbook so that together, we can reach more people than ever before. Start training, be prepared for running or walking your race and please ensure that you are physically fit enough to take part.


Step 3 –  Run the Race

Run or walk the race in your neighbourhood! This is officially taking part between 17th and 25th of July, but you can do yours whenever is most convenient. Collect all the donations from your sponsors and send them in.

What is the Superbook 5k?

You don’t have to be a long distance running specialist to take part! By putting in the steps, you can complete 5k by running, jogging, or even walking around any space you have available. This could be your local park, doing laps of your garden, your lounge, or even shuffling up and down your balcony. Be creative with how you do it, and ask your friends, family and neighbours to sponsor you.

We would love to see pictures of you having fun, so feel free to post on our social media pages so we can be cheering you on as you keep up the good work, and you could also be in with a chance of winning a £10 Amazon voucher! If you’ve struggled to stay fit and healthy during these long months of lockdown, now is a great excuse to get outdoors and get your running shoes on.

However you decide to take part, remember to have fun, stay safe and know that we are cheering you on!


Why take part?

For the last four decades, Superbook has continued to have a huge impact in the UK, Europe and beyond in bringing the gospel to children in a way that is relevant to their level, whilst maintaining the integrity of the Gospel message. We know that these resources will continue to make a difference for many more years to come. But there is still so much to be done.

By taking part in our 5k challenge, not only will you be able to help raise the profile of the work of Superbook further, but you will also be able to help raise funds to administer the distribution of materials in more and more countries around the world. All contributions, large or small, are greatly appreciated and every penny raised will allow us to make more steps in spreading the reach of the Gospel.

Please help us make a difference by signing up today. Thank you

Superbook’s International Impact

Make a difference to Children all across Europe

Take part, join the race and fundraise for Superbook.

Make a change. Make a donation. Make a difference.

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