How Superbook helped a young boy overcome his fear – Francis’ Story

Francis is a six-year-old boy from Manchester. Like other boys his age, he stays active and enjoys playing basketball with his sisters. He also loves CBN’s Superbook.

“I love Superbook and every time I watch it I learn from it. My favourite episode is David and Goliath. It makes me feel even if you are small it doesn’t mean you can’t defeat the devil,” Francis told us.

Francis believes that learning about David helped him overcome his own fears.

“I was afraid when I got picked to stand in front of the whole school and show them my homework,” said Francis. “I was afraid and thought people were going to laugh at me as in reception my writing was big and my grammar wasn’t good.”

Francis’ father said, “It was challenging because I had to reassure Francis over and over.”

But as Francis continued to watch Superbook he came to understand more about the power of God.

He said, “I believed that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. I shouldn’t be afraid because I know that I will use the power that God’s given me.”


“It has not only helped Francis to grow in confidence but also grew his knowledge of the Bible,” said his father.

“I believe with my heart that Jesus died and rose again to take away my sin.”

Francis also realised that he had sinned when he had lied to his dad, about an incident at school.

“After watching the episode, I learned that when you lie it’s bad and it’s breaking God’s law,” Francis explained. “God doesn’t like that I lied. One day when it was lunchtime, I accidentally pushed my friend into the bush. When it was home time, I told daddy that my friend pushed me into the bush.”

Francis felt sorry and asked for forgiveness from his dad and God by saying the sinner’s prayer. Whilst watching Superbook, he gave his life to Jesus.

Francis said, “I was watching Superbook, I saw the sinner’s prayer and I said the sinner’s prayer. I said, ‘Dear God, I admit that I have done things that are against your will for me. Please forgive me for my sins. I believe with my heart that Jesus died and rose again to take away my sin. I declare Jesus Christ as my Lord and Saviour. Thank you for hearing my prayer in Jesus name.’”

Today, Francis is a confident young boy. He is no longer anxious and continues to learn from Superbook and grow in his faith.

Francis’s mother joyfully told us, “I cannot thank Superbook enough. It has allowed my kids and many others around the world to know more about Jesus”


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