Adimir’s Story

Adimir was so lonely without his mother. Then CBN’s Orphan’s Promise stepped in and gave Adimir and his family the chance that they needed. Donate now and help to transform lives all over the UK and Europe.

Five-year-old Adimir sat by the orphanage window, watching and waiting. The orphanage director remembers Adimir well. 

“The child ate nothing for three days after his mother dropped him off at the orphanage with his brothers and sisters.” 

Adimir cries as he says, “I was so lonely. I wanted my mum to come back for me.” 

But Adimir’s mother wasn’t coming back. Nazira’s face fills with pain as she says, “I had to give my children up to the orphanage, so they would not starve to death.” 

Before giving up her children, Nazira tried hard to support them. She applied for government assistance but was turned down.  Then, she was told that after two months of care in the orphanage, she would be forced to surrender her children forever. 

“I could not sign such a paper, I prayed to God, please let there be another way.”
Several months passed, and Adimir was still waiting by the orphanage window. 

“God answered my prayer through your help.”

That’s where Orphan’s Promise found him. Karen Springs of Orphans Promise remembers, “I met Adimir and I could just tell there was something different about him, he seemed so sad. I learned that he had a family, but he was taken away from the family because they were poor.” 

First, Orphan’s Promise went to meet Nazira.  We decided that with the right skills, Nazira could earn enough money to support her family and be reunited with them. We offered her sewing lessons and a new sewing machine.  We also gave her a new stove, and food to feed her family, and help with the rent, until she could provide for her family herself. 

Nazira says, “I am so grateful for the sewing machine to help me make money for my family. Thank you for bringing us back together again.” 

It’s been two years since then, and we recently visited Nazira and her children. We found them well and thriving. 

Today, Nazira proudly supports her family on her own. Adimir beams when he says, “My mum has a job, and we have food and we are happy. Thank you.” 

“God answered my prayers through your help,” says Nazira. “With my sewing skills, I even got a new job. I can provide for my family now. Thank you. You made all of this possible. Thank you.” 


Your gift could go towards helping people like Adimir all over the UK and Europe, providing vital care, when and where it is needed most.


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