Stavri’s Story

Discovering Father God for the first time!


Stavri’s Story

Discovering Father God for the first time!


Stavri is a young Albanian teenager, who turned 14 in March 2018. He had a great birthday surrounded by some of his closest friends, and a tasty cake prepared by his mother.  

However, Stavri’s life wasn’t always so full of joy. 

10 years ago, Stavri lost his father, just before his 4th birthday. He still remembers it with teary eyes as the worst day of his life. Growing up without a father, and in rough economic circumstances, Stavri faced many challenges and struggled at school. 

His mother and younger sister began to take him to church and Stavri also began watching Superbook. One day, Stavri was watching the episode of the Superbook, where Chris is attacked by the devil in the shape of a snake. Chris cries out to God for help and God rescues him.  

At this moment, Stavri realisedthat God was real and that He also wanted to help him.

At this moment, Stavri realised that God was real and that He also wanted to help him. He gave his heart to Jesus and sung the Salvation Poem. It became his favourite song and he began singing it whilst playing in the house or helping his mother with housework. 

Since that day, Stavri’s mother is amazed by the change in her son’s attitude towards her and his sister, especially in one specific area. Stavri used continually lie, even though he knew it was wrong. Now, he tells the truth, adding that he knows that Jesus is always with him, wherever he is.  

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