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700 Club

The 700 Club

This daily show is filled with news from a Christian perspective, interviews, life stories and special words of encouragement.



Children of all ages love Superbook. 5 Seasons that bring the Bible to life.

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At CBN we are passionate about the Gospel and have been making discipleship and evangelism focused programming for over 57 years.

The 700 Club

Airing daily, this programme is filled with news from a Christian perspective, interviews, life stories and a special word of encouragement or wisdom for you today.

The 700 Club Interactive

The Interactive 700 Club is hosted by Gordon and Terry and tackles a wide range of current issues while providing Biblical answers to real questions.


Children of all ages love Superbook, CBN’s amazing animated series. It brings the Bible to life for kids in a way that’s fun and easy to understand.


TPi is an inspirational, energetic and colourful television magazine program that spotlights the voices, insights and lives of Africans and people of African descent around the world.

Christian World News

Christian World News is a half-hour weekly news program devoted to the work of the Holy Spirit around the globe. This award-winning newscast shares the global impact that the church is having and how you can help.

Jerusalem Dateline

Join CBN Jerusalem Bureau Chief Chris Mitchell for reports from the Holy Land and Middle East – with insight you’ll only get from CBN News.

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