by Charmain Hibberd

Creative Media Coordinator, CBN Europe

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Same Story, Fresh Eyes

Reading through the Easter narrative every year is a habit that I have tried to cultivate. It is my way of reminding myself of the extent of the sacrifice that was made for me. Each year I hope to discover the story in a fresh way.

This year, whilst preparing for this series, I was drawn back a little further beyond the ‘regular’ beginning of the story, to John chapter 17.

I’d never fully picked up on the fact that the priority of Jesus, before He began His grueling journey to the cross, was to pray. I knew about the Garden of Gethsemane but had skipped over John 17. A full chapter, prior to the Easter journey, was dedicated to Jesus communing with the Father and I simply hadn’t picked up on it.

It’s as if Jesus, knowing what He was about to face, needed to fully immerse Himself in the presence of the Father, giving Him the power and the strength to withstand what was before Him.

The Importance of Prayer

Reading through chapter 17 of John, I’m reminded of the importance of prayer. Prayer, simply put, is talking to God. To complicate prayer further is to heap burdens upon ourselves that we then struggle to stand up under.

Jesus, I can imagine, didn’t change His tone, didn’t put on a ‘prayer voice’ nor did He go on and on. He simply and honestly – and with great vulnerability – pleads with the Father to protect the people who belong to Him.

These are my thoughts. As we travel through the story of Jesus’s death, burial and resurrection, my question to you will be this – what does today’s scripture reveal to you?

Each of us relates to God in a deeply personal and unique way and, rather than impose my interpretation onto you, it is my prayer that you will discover what God is highlighting to you, for you.

Intimacy is the mark of a healthy relationship, knowing one another and accepting one another wholly. God wants to speak to you personally today and, just as Jesus prepared Himself for the cross in prayer, I would encourage you to prepare yourself in prayer for what God may want to do in and through you this Easter time.


In each day of our Exploring Easter Devotional, we will have some new questions to ask you regarding what you have read. Why not take some time, listen to some music, and contemplate what God would say to you today?

Q1. What does today’s scripture reveal to you?

Q2. How can you challenge yourself to look at the Easter narrative afresh this Easter period?

Q3. What are you hoping God would do as you commit to exploring His Word over Easter?

As we travel through the story of Jesus’s death, burial and resurrection, my question to you will be this – what does today’s scripture reveal to you?


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