This is the beautiful Lucas Mubarak. 

His mother was dwarf, living on the streets in Ethiopia.  One day she reported to a local health centre stating she did not feel well. They found out she was pregnant and referred her to the hospital where a day later she delivered a little boy by caesarean section. The mother, not knowing what to do called in the help of Abrahams Oasis, a project supported by Orphans Promise. Initial efforts to bond mother and baby were unsuccessful.  

So little baby Lucas came to the project and from time to time family would visit and check up on him. Because we strongly believe that family is best environment for a child to grow up in,  the intensive investigative process was started whereby the right family was identified and the little boy was reunited  and found a new home.  Little Lucas is now known as Mubarak, the name that his uncle who has given him a home chose for him. This beautiful boy is saved from a lonely hard life on the streets and can now grow up in a loving family as a happy young boy. 

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