Take a stand and join us in the fight against human trafficking. You can make a difference and change someone’s life today.


30th of July is the UN World Day Against the Trafficking in Persons. Well over 2 million people are affected by trafficking in almost every country in the world.

At CBN Europe we are taking a stand against trafficking to protect those in need. We are supporting 2 European projects that support and rehabilitate women rescued from the horrors of trafficking. Read on to discover the amazing work these projects are doing.


Raising Awareness

We are making society aware of the devastating effect of human trafficking and prostitution. We hold lectures, publish information. Every year, we hold over 100 awareness events and lectures at schools and churches.



Freedom homes are a safe place for women who have been sexually exploited. These homes offer protection, accommodation, food. But more than that they offer a holistic range of support in counselling, legal support, access to language lessons, and help building everyday life skills.



Working together with more than 30 organisations, lobbying politically to bring change at government policy level to ensure that as a society we are doing everything we can to put an end to human trafficking.


Street work

We run a volunteer café that is open to women in prostitution to offer an open ear and to treat them with love and respect. Through this, we can build openness, trust and relationships to support these women in the challenges they face.


Why don’t those in forced prostitution go to the police and report their pimps? Why don’t they stop working?

There are many reasons that make it difficult, if not impossible for Women to leave without outside intervention.


Often money earned is given directly to Pimps leaving little or nothing for them to save. Often there are high debts for them to pay to their pimps or traffickers.

No safe place to stay

Many women do not have a safe place to go to and usually live in a group residence controlled by the pimp and are physically prevented from leaving.


These women are often threatened with physical violence if they want to leave or stop prostituting themselves.


Many women do not know their legal rights or speak the local language. They are often here illegally and have had their passports taken by their pimp.

Stuck in the System

They do not know anyone outside of the abusive system that they are in, there is no one on the outside they know who can help them build a new life.

Exit is almost impossible

This is where we come in. The shelters we support provide the desperately needed bridge from forced prostitution to safe, independent living. Without it escaping the system is almost impossible.

I dare to believe in who I am again, now I even have a small business

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