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Hope in the Hopelessness

The war in Ukraine continues to rage. Our eyes are often in disbelief and our hearts heavy with the atrocities we see reported on our newsfeeds. Heaven only knows the things that have not yet come into the light. As we see the flow of refugees crossing borders and seeking safety, often leaving behind loved ones, we are reminded of the scripture in John 11:35 that says, “Jesus wept.”

Update from Ukraine

We at CBN’s Orphan’s Promise, like so many of you, have shed tears over the last month and a half at what we have seen and heard. But God is still at work, friends!

When the darkness seems at its greatest, we know that there is a light that shines even brighter. 

In spite of the circumstances faced by the people of Ukraine, we continue to hear stories of God breaking through in miraculous ways, answers to prayer and salvation in the midst of the chaos. We see people being fed through projects still operational within Ukraine. Fifteen of our nineteen training centres have remained open and have welcomed those travelling with hot food, basic medical requirements and a safe place to rest. 

A little while ago, you may have seen the opening of a training centre in Khust, Western Ukraine. Whilst much of the work here had to be paused, the centre continues to serve the local community. With the obvious disruption to work for many of the families, finances were stretched thin and many of the community were struggling. 

Now, not only are the children within the project provided with lunches but other families from the wider community are being fed every day as wellOne unique feature of the centre in Khust is a small quail farm, established as part of our SEED program, which is proving to be an invaluable resource at the moment. Every week, quail meat and eggs are delivered to our centres for the refugee families passing through.

The situation in Ukraine is still very volatile and there are many stories from the warzone that we currently cannot share with you as we preserve the safety of our staff, volunteers and the children in our programsYou can rest assured that God is working, even when we can’t see it!

When the darkness seems at its greatest, we know that there is a light that shines even brighter.”

At the Border in Medyka, Poland

There remains a constant flow of refugees crossing the borders. At the moment, Poland has received the greatest number of people and the numbers are increasing daily. Together with CBN’s Operation Blessing and through local church partnerships, CBN’s Orphan’s Promise is meeting the needs of the refugees arriving in a variety of ways

Many of the refugees arriving at our centres are young mothers with little children. They are exhausted from the long, stressful and dangerous route they have just taken, and uncertain about what their futures holdThese scared mothers cling to their children in fear of being separated. They’ve had to leave everything they know behind, having kissed fathers and husbands goodbye and heading in different directions. They come to us truly traumatized, but we are determined to meet them with love, care and warm, welcoming smiles.

Nataliya Khomyak, our OP Director of Operations, has recently returned from the Polish border at Medyka. She commented that,

“the biggest question is what happens next? Our goal is to work together through local churches as they are helping these women to find more permanent housing, solutions for childcare, for medical help, with basic needs, with food; and surrounding them with the love of God; surrounding them with the love of caring humans who can bring the light and love to them.”

“We are committed to working with our network of churches and partners and helping these people because we feel that this is the real help that is needed right now, and filling the gap of need in the humanitarian crisis.”

Please continue to pray for Ukraine, for the refugees fleeing and for those who are trapped. The flow has not decreased at the borders around Europe and thousands of people cross over into the unknown every day. We stand alongside the least, the lost, the hurting and broken to give hope in some of the most hopeless places. Our teams of staff and volunteers across the region are so thankful for your support both financially and in your prayers. 

Thank you for your continued support. Every step, however small it may feel, makes a difference in the lives of the children and families we serve! 

“They come to us truly traumatized, but we are determined to meet them with love, care and warm, welcoming smiles.”

Did you know? Stories like this are only possible thanks to the donations of our partners.

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