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Coming to Jesus with child-like faith: Fanoulla’s story

Hi! My name is Gizmo, I am a robot on a mission to see the lives of children all over the world changed by Jesus’s love.  

The next stop on my global tour is to visit my friend Fanoulla! Fanoulla is not a child – she is a grown-up, but that does not stop her from being one of Superbook’s biggest fans! Fanoulla’s life has changed thanks to Superbook, and she wished it was around when she was a child. Seeing it encourage her faith and teach her about Jesus, she is now on a mission to share Superbook with others! How amazing is that?  

A Personal Impact to Share

For many, Superbook is a programme for children, explaining the Bible in a way they can easily grasp. But how often have we, as adults, read something in scripture and not fully grasped it? Isn’t it so beneficial to our faith when we can take our understanding to a new level?

One of our Superbook partners, Fanoulla, shared with us why she is so passionate about increasing Superbook’s impact around the world.

“I wish I had this cartoon on TV when I was a kid. It would have been, honestly, life-changing for me as a child.”

Whether it’s bringing peace to family disagreements, knowing how to navigate bullying, or bringing new revelation to well-known Bible stories, Superbook brings a wealth of Godly, scripture-based wisdom for all of life’s situations. Fanoulla shares, “If I had Superbook, I would have been able to get through these problems just so much easier.”

Superbook spoke to Fanoulla’s adult heart as much as it would to a child. It spoke to her in some of her toughest days and brought a fresh understanding to the Bible in ways she’d never had before.

Having witnessed the impact of Superbook in her own life, she shares, “There’s nothing better than spreading the Gospel so easily through children and through something so enjoyable…and, also, because of my love of children and through not having children, I found that by giving through Superbook it was my little way of spreading the Gospel through the eyes of children and that means so much to me.”

Fanoulla has passed on her passion for Christ to the next generation through giving to the ministry of Superbook – helping us reach more children across the UK, Europe and beyond with the good news of the gospel. From being translated into more languages to going with our humanitarian teams across the world, Superbook can reach into the lives of so many more children and their families. The impact Superbook has had in Fanoulla’s life will overflow into the lives of a new generation and ripple out exponentially from there.

“You’ve got to read up about what CBN and Superbook do around the world and you’ll see that you wouldn’t hesitate to give. It will become as close to your heart as it is to mine.”

“There’s nothing better than spreading the Gospel so easily through children and through something so enjoyable.”

It makes me so happy to hear that people of all ages find life, truth and hope in the Word of God, brought to them and explained clearly by Superbook! God loves every one of us and wants to be a friend to each of us, helping us with whatever we face in our lives.

I’m off on my next adventure. Follow me on social media to see where I go next!

Did you know? Stories like Fanoulla’s are only possible thanks to the donations of our partners.

You too can spread the love of Jesus to more people like Fanoulla. Learn More


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