Discover Superbook, the Emmy-nominated TV series that explores the truths of the Bible for children up to the age of 12.

Through captivating animated videos, Superbook brings Bible stories to life. Teaching values like courage, loyalty and faith to the children of the world in their native language. Created by world class animators and funded by generous donations.



Sharing the Gospel

There have been over 17 million views of the Gospel presentation on the Superbook App and website since the presentation’s inception in 2013.

Using new technology, CBN is able to share the Gospel effectively to children around the world in a way they won’t forget!



Superbook Season 1 has been translated in 45 languages! Season 2 has been translated into 32 languages with more translations underway.

Did you know that here in the UK and Europe, we broadcast Superbook in more than 15 languages?


Equipping Schools

Thanks to donors like you, Superbook is now available in more than 510 primary schools in the UK and Europe, who currently use Superbook to  equip children  to know  the stories of the Bible and  understand the core concepts of Christianity.


Equipping Churches

Superbook Academy is an online Sunday School Curriculum which is equipping children

across the United Kingdom, Europe, Australia and New Zealand with the truth of God’s Word.

Khan Gna is watching Superbook in Cambodia.

Our Viewers

Over the past few years, Superbook viewership has skyrocketed to over 162 million in 83 countries.

Of these, a projected 95 million viewers sang “The Salvation Poem” that concludes each broadcast

Watch the Trailer

Take a look at the Superbook trailer and experience the excitement and adventure of being transported back to key moments from Bible with our friends Joy, Chris and Gizmo.

“Superbook is reaping a tremendous harvest for the kingdom of God all around the world.”

Gordon Robertson – CEO

Become a partner with Superbook with a monthly donation of £15 or more and you can get instant access to all episodes of Superbook past and present on our new Family App platform!


Superbook Apps



For those of you who can’t get enough Superbook, we have a family of Apps for all the family. You can go deeper into the Bible stories featured in the Superbook episodes, play games, listen to a tailored radio app, and much more!


Introducing… GizmoGO!

GizmoGO! is a NEW animation for preschoolers, brought to you by the team at Superbook. At Quantum labs Gizmo and his robot pals, Widget, Rig, and Gears have some silly adventures and learn life lessons along the way with the help of the Robotics Intern Miss Tina. With a mix of live action and colourful animation, GizmoGO! will entertain and teach young children with songs, stories, and a bit of humour. Join Gizmo and pals to continue the adventure of Superbook with GizmoGO!

Our Impact

Here are just a few stories of the way Superbook is impacting children all over the world, bringing the gospel to those who might not otherwise have access to it.

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