“To make Jesus known to everyone in the UK, Europe, and beyond.”

We believe that our relationship with Jesus is one of the most – if not the most – important things about our lives. We as a ministry are committed to pray, seek and learn all about Jesus that we can, ensuring that our lives are in step with Him and following His pathway for us.

A key means to this end is to spend daily time with God.

This is why CBN DEVO exists.

We want to create and develop devotionals that speak to every area of modern living and help every individual navigate the sometimes-wild seas of this thing called life.

Below you will find a selection of CBN DEVO’s created and developed by our team here at CBN Europe. We truly hope and pray that, in whatever season you find yourself in, you will find here hope, encouragement and fuel for the journey ahead.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is a devotional?

The word ‘devotion’ means ‘profound dedication’ and ‘earnest attachment to a person or cause’.*

We believe that, when we give our lives to Jesus and receive his salvation, we are to follow Him. This means profoundly dedicating ourselves to being in earnest attachment to Him in order that we can know Him better and follow Him closer.

A devotional is simply a means to this end.

Devotionals usually come in written form with an audio option and perhaps some visuals to support the specific theme. They are predominantly designed to help you learn more about Jesus and explore more and more areas of your faith.

*Source =

Why do I need to do a devotional?

We believe that devotionals enable you to deepen your relationship with Jesus, know Him better and grow as a follower of Jesus.

How often should I be doing a devotional?

For optimum spiritual growth, daily.

The Bible is described as our daily bread (read Matthew 6:11).

We wouldn’t go a day without eating so why would we neglect the Word of God for even a day?

I don't have time to do a daily devotional, what should I do?

There are some seasons in life when a daily devotional may be a little bit of a stretch.

My advice in this instance is to do what you can.

Maybe you just read a verse or two and pray whilst you are out and about, in your heart.

Don’t beat yourself up. The purpose of a devotional is for you to grow closer to God. This can be achieved by remaining connected to Him throughout your day in small snippets, or in a long session of devoted prayer, worship and study.

Which devotional should I do?

The best way to figure out which devotional to choose out of the many that exist is to pray and ask God.

We go through different experiences and seasons in life and the best way to discern which devotional will best support us during each season is to pray and seek God.

How long should a devotional be?

Devotionals can be anything from 3 days long to 30 days long to a year or two.

Measure and assess your availability and commitment levels and perhaps choose a devotional that will challenge you slightly, but not put you under too much pressure.

Can I do more than one devotional?


You may choose to do 2 7-day devotionals side by side, one in the day and one in the evening.

It’s entirely up to you and what you feel is right in the season you are in.

Making Jesus Known

As part of the CBN family our partners are demonstrating the love of God and sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ through media evangelism and humanitarian aid across the world.

Thanks to the generosity of our CBN Partners, the love of God is brought to millions of hurting people every day.


Christian TV & The 700 Club

CBN‘s 700 Club program has been on the air since 1961. Thanks to our partners, CBN is sharing the Gospel in 162 countries and territories, in 72 languages.


Digital Outreach

CBN hosts international websites in multiple languages, ministering to millions, presenting the Gospel and providing online discipleship materials.



Our 3D animated series Superbook is bringing the Bible to life for children across the world in over 90 countries to an estimated 160 million viewers.


Prayer Ministry

CBN‘s Prayer Centres around the world are manned by dedicated people filled with the Holy Spirit providing ministry through phone, email, WhatsApp and social media.

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Orphan’s and Vulnerable Children

CBN is caring for orphans and vulnerable children through CBN’s Orphan’s Promise. We are reaching out with the love of Jesus to meet their physical, educational and spiritual needs through partnerships with local churches and other ministries.


Disaster Relief

CBN‘s Operation Blessing provides disaster relief around the world. International teams mobilise quickly and work with churches and the local community to bring aid where needed most: clean water, medical care, food, and other essential aid.