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The Traditions of Christmas

Discover the Meaning Behind Your Favourite Holiday Traditions & Experience the special reading of a beloved Christmas classic!


Martin Luther: The Reformation

In 1517, Martin Luther nailed his 95 Theses on the Wittenberg Castle Church door, an act that would turn the world on its head.


In Our Hands DVD

The story of Israel’s 55th Paratrooper Brigade and how Israel Defense Forces risked everything for the sake of their homeland. With firsthand interviews and historical reenactments, discover the sacrifice of the soldiers who reunited Jerusalem.


Whose Land Is It? Jewish and Arab claims to Israel

It’s the oldest land dispute in history: for centuries, both Jews and Arabs have claimed to be the rightful owners of the land of Israel. So, whose land is it?


Made in Israel

Join The 700 Club’s Gordon Robertson as he takes an inside look at Israel’s remarkable innovation and ingenuity to produce breakthroughs in products and processes that affect the way we live our every day lives.


The Hope: The Rebirth of Israel

Go on a journey through the 50 years that preceded the founding of the modern State of Israel. See history unfold through the eyes of some of Israel’s visionaries and founders.


Adoption & Foster Rx DVD Series

The Orphan’s Promise Adoption & Foster Rx project comes out of Terry Meeuwsen’s personal struggles and her desire to help other parents who find themselves in the same situation she was in—raising  traumatised children without having the knowledge of how to interpret and parent their behaviours and emotional needs.


The Hope Album CD

Orphan’s Promise is committed to bringing hope and a future to orphaned and vulnerable children around the world. The Hope Project recording returns to Ukraine where Orphan’s Promise began and features the voices of the Roma children. These children were previously neglected and forgotten, but through Orphan’s Promise, their basic needs are being met and they […]


Is He Alive

The resurrection of Jesus is a controversial topic. We have travelled the world, exploring different cultures to examine the truth behind the question: Is He alive? Featuring Danny & Natasha’s story of faith, hope and love as they discover that He is alive in the midst of a crisis. A perfect resource to use in […]


Who Is Jesus?

Who is Jesus? What was His mission? Did He really exist? How can He make a difference in my life today? Get this fantastic DVD resource and let us take you on a journey of discovery as we learn Who Jesus is to 5 different people, and explore the question Who Is Jesus to you? […]



Produced in England and Virginia, USA, Pocahontas is the true story of an amazing young woman who became an ambassador between two nations. With expert interviews and historical reenactments, this movie brings the story of Pocahontas’ capture, Christian faith, and legacy to life.


Easter Promise




The God Adventure

Written by Terry Meeuwsen, cohost of The 700 Club, this book issues a challenge to all believers

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