Treasures of the Second Temple


CBN Documentaries new DVD reveals a story of mystery. Why did the unimaginable wealth of Jerusalem’s Second Temple vanish? Where is the treasure today?

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In A.D. 70, Roman legions destroyed the second temple of Jerusalem. But centuries of eyewitnesses say the temple treasures survived and were carried away to Rome, Carthage and Byzantium, leaving an ominous trail of destruction. Where is what’s left of the treasure today?

CBN Documentaries presents a story of mystery. Why did the unimaginable wealth contained in Jerusalem’s Second Temple seem to carry a curse to every place it rested? The pages of ancient history, modern archeology, and the Bible itself have lured treasure-seeking explorers to attempt to piece together this puzzling mystery.

Now the CBN Documentaries team has traced the journey of the treasure and uncovered more tantalising clues to its final resting place.

Hosted by Gordon Robertson, Treasures of the Second Temple picks up where unsuccessful explorers have long given up. The once-cold trail has heated up to reveal an intriguing possibility: Could the treasure be in Jerusalem? Is it stored deep under the Old City, never to be found? What is the destiny of the treasures of the Second Temple? How much longer will the mystery remain unsolved?


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