“To make Jesus known to everyone in the UK, Europe and beyond.”

Welcome to CBN Europe! We are committed to share the Gospel to all nations and make disciples through TV programming, media, humanitarian outreach & prayer centres, in a relevant & practical way.

Our History

On January 11th, 1960, the first broadcast went out from Pat Robertson’s new broadcasting organisation – The Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN). Not only was CBN the first Christian television station in Virginia, it was also the first in the United States! Many years later, CBN has grown into a multi-faceted ministry with global reach, sharing hope and salvation in Jesus Christ to the nations.

Our Reach

CBN provides global, indigenous programming by cable, broadcast, satellite and web to approximately 147 countries in more than 60 languages, while providing discipleship and follow up through global prayer centres.

Our flagship programme is ‘The 700 Club’, a daily television program featuring Gordon Robertson, Terry Meeuwsen, Wendy Griffith, and news anchor John Jessup. On the air continuously since 1966, The 700 Club is one of the longest-running programs in broadcast history. The 700 Club’s news/magazine format presents a lively mix of information, interviews, and inspiration to an average daily audience of one million viewers.

Our Ministry

As well as world renowned TV programming, CBN also has humanitarian initiatives, such as Orphan’s Promise. Our “CBN READ” lifestyle blog has articles to encourage and inspire you. CBN is also home to the Emmy-nominated children’s animation series, Superbook which impacts thousands of children across the world with animated biblical teaching.

To find out more about our ministries, click here.

Join The Mission

CBN functions because of the generosity of our CBN Partners. Through monthly and single donations, we are able to impact homes across the UK and Europe, with the message of Jesus.

We’d love for you to join hands and partner with us today. You can call us on 0300 561 0700 (UK), 01 513 3738 (Republic of Ireland) or call +44 207 101 7045 (Europe). You can also give securely and quickly online, through clicking on the “Partner with CBN” button below or by visiting cbneurope.com/donate.