The Twelve Gifts of Christmas

Welcome to our 12 Gifts of Christmas Devotional

I am so excited to spend the next 12 days exploring the miracle of Christmas with you. Together, we will unwrap 12 beautiful gifts that are freely available to you and me.

Whether you already know about the Christmas story or not, hold fast! Because I believe that in the next 12 days there will be something for you to pick up and treasure for the rest of your life.

So, get a drink, get comfy and get excited to take a trip back in time, over 2000 years ago. 

Day 1: The Gift of a Saviour

Over 2000 years ago our world received the most precious gift; one that would change everything. 


A woman called Mary was sent a message by the angel Gabriel that she would give birth to a son and He would be called Jesus, the Son of the Most High. 

Jesus grew up to do what nobody else could – pay the ultimate price for our sin, enabling us to enter into an eternal relationship with God. He came to restore the relationship that was broken between us and God. Because of Jesus, we can talk to God freely and be in his presence anywhere, anytime. 

We no longer have to live in guilt, shame or condemnation because Jesus took the weight from us when He died on the cross. Now we can live in freedom and forgiveness knowing that God is on our side. Christmas is a celebration of the birth of our Saviour, and the celebration of all that He did for us! 

Take some time today to reflect on this wonderful gift of a Saviour, sent for you. Spend some time in His presence and allow the Holy Spirit to minister to you today. 

Maybe you know about God but have never entered into a personal relationship with Him? We would love to pray with you and introduce you to a life-changing relationship with a Heavenly Father. He loves you so much. Call us today on 0300 561 0700 or click on the button below to find out more! 

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