Gian Carlo Picardal, 5, was identified as a 3rd degree malnourished child during our assessment and evaluation for the CBN Childrens project May 2015 in Matang, in the Philippines . Weighing 11 kgs, with a height of 87 cm, his situation was serious. Through the Bless-a-Child programme his mother Janice learned all about health, nutrition and hygiene. Now, after 6 months of feeding and monitoring, last December 2015, during our health checkup, he weighed 15 kgs with the height of 109cm. 

When Janice found out that Gian was malnourished, she was hurt because she thought that he is normal when it comes to health because he is an energetic child. But now she knows why her son has been malnourished, it is because of the food she had been serving her family. Before, she only served what the kids like – hotdog, noodles and canned goods – but now she serves a different menu with vegetables in it, and Gian loves what she is serving. She is grateful to be part of the project, and that there was nothing else wrong with Gian’s health based on his normal lab results.

The Biblical Parenting teaching leads her to become a more effective mother.  It has given her wisdom on the proper way to discipline the child. Her relationship with Gian and his sister, Jhandie, is now sweeter and smoother.  She saw the changes in Gian.  He has become a Kuya to Jhandie and helps with some household chores like keeping his beddings, cleaning the house and fetching water even if he is not told. The family takes time to talk before going to sleep and during meal time.  The father is so happy, because he too has seen the changes.

“Gian is a blessing to us. Thank you, Operation Blessing, you mold Gian into a child every parent would love to have.  We were not church goers.  We only went to church for special occasions, but because of what you have taught our son, he leads us to church every Sunday. He leads us into prayer before going to bed and every meal.  His younger sister, Jhandie, follows his lead, and she too knows how to pray at her age of 3,” Janice proudly continues with her story.

Janice is also thankful that she is learning to save through the Bayanihan Banking Program, as well as for the livelihood opportunity provided to them in the form of peanut butter-making, which allows the family to be together instead of her husband having to go away to work as a construction worker.

A hopeful life

“To CBN and the donors, thank you for taking care of my son.  Thank you for teaching us, the parents, to love them as you have shown us. Thank you for blessing us not only for our physical needs but above all with the word of God that keeps us stronger.  Thank you for leading our families to a thankful, hopeful, joyful life,” she ended happily.

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mother and son
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