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Screen Shot 2015-07-13 at 13.30.46Leaving a gift to us in your will is known as Legacy Giving.

By leaving a gift to CBN in your will, you are helping to impact many lives in the generations to come.

With the help of your legacy gift, nations will be changed through the work of CBN, Orphans Promise and Operation Blessing. God’s word is relevant and active today, and will continue to impact lives tomorrow, and for many, many years to come!

A recent legacy gift of £22,000 helped us to invest in new media equipment to start up our UK production team. Now we are able to create content for our UK and European viewers, impacting the lives of thousands of daily viewers of CBN programmes though testimonies and life stories.

Legacy gifts help us to reach so much further, going far beyond what we already budgeted for, helping us reaching goals we otherwise would not achieve. Legacy gifts help us to translate CBN programming with the Gospel in European languages, reaching viewers in their own native language. Legacy gifts help us to fund humanitarian projects here in the UK, Europe and around the world through our global network of CBN offices and partnerships.

Your legacy gift could provide water for an entire village, build a school, pay for a medical clinic, start a micro enterprise project to bless a community or provide equipment and transport for broadcasting the Gospel in remote places. These are just some examples of what a legacy gift could achieve.

Thank you for considering to leave a lasting legacy through  the ministry of CBN!

Any questions about leaving a Legacy Gift to CBN Europe, or writing / updating your Will?

Contact our Legacy Team at 01432 471 038 or at

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