Since its first broadcast in 1961, CBN’s mission has been to proclaim the Gospel to all nations. What began in the U.S. with The 700 Club quickly grew to include CBN TV programmes and video evangelism outreaches that bring a message of hope to a viewing audience of hundreds of millions of people around the world. Today, we work in 147 countries and territories and 65 languages.

One such office is CBN Germany, which was established in 2007.  Similar to other CBN shows, Club 700 produce shows with Christian content in the German language. These shows are broadcast to the German speaking countries of Switzerland, Austria and Germany.  The 30 minute show is hosted by Sabine Bhandari and Andreas Waldmann and they discuss popular topics by also including street interviews.  Last year a show highlighting the problems of eating disorders was so popular that it was in the top 5 searches on Google in Germany.  And on You Tube it has now been viewed over 129,000 times.

As well as Club 700, the CBN offices in Hamburg have an administration office, a prayer centre and a production office. Superbook has recently been translated into German and they have launched the first series of ‘Superbuch’ to the Germany churches.

For more information about this office, go to Club 700


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  • Biruk Seleshi

    I’m a young energetic and ambitious mechanical engineer, dedicated evangelical Christian, and married and have one daughter.
    my prayer request is: I have been taken the written exam for piloting school and pass that, and I took medical exam and I passed that too, you know here is a miracle on my medical exam because four years ago I had experienced a heart attack and the doctor said that I can’t do any though work but now Jesus replaced my heart just the ECG confirm.
    my problem is to proceeds my pilot (CPL) study I should have 55,000USD but I don’t have even at least for the first term payment 9,150USD so as the word of God says in pillipians 4:5 I just present my prayer to God to fulfill my child hood desire, even though Satan wants to destroy but Jesus heal me and He fulfill my need, now I want his provision on my school fee please pray for me on this.
    May God Bless You!