NEPAL – When the 7.8-magnitude earthquake struck Nepal earlier this year, people across the nation lost loved ones, homes, businesses and nearly everything they owned—leaving them destitute and struggling to survive.

Operation Blessing was on the ground soon after the first tremors ceased, delivering critical aid to victims in major cities and remote villages. Today, teams are still planted in Nepal, providing crucial support for families still in dire need.

A recently opened OBI training centre is giving young women the opportunity to learn valuable skills that will enable them to start their own small businesses and provide for their families.

The training centre offers courses in cosmetology and cooking, with a sewing course soon to be added. The young women in the programme will go through intensive, 30-day training, learning the basics and acquiring the skills needed to start and run their own businesses.

Each of the students currently enrolled is living in one of the many makeshift camps in the city and has lost at least one family member to the disaster; the help Operation Blessing is offering them is truly life-changing. Graduates of the innovative program will be equipped with the knowledge, skills and tools needed to run their own micro-enterprise and rebuild their lives.

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