1. This service is provided to you by The Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) in partnership with The Eternal Wall of Answered Prayer (The Wall). CBN operates on behalf of The Wall by receiving calls and donations on behalf of The Wall. 100% of donations received will be forwarded to The Wall..

2. Your data will be handled in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 and will only be used as set out above and to keep you informed about CBN and The Wall’s UK’s fundraising, activities, events and services. CBN and The Wall will not share your information with any third party organisations except where such transfer is a necessary part of its activities, or it is required to do so by operation of law. To opt out of CBN’s (e)mailings please unsubscribe at the bottom of the emails or email your request to [email protected]. To unsubscribe from The Wall (e)mailings please contact The Wall via the official website at

3. Submitted answer prayers may only be regarding prayers that have been answered by Jesus Christ. Any submitted prayers containing foul or abusive language will not be accepted for inclusion in the wall.

4. CBN / The Wall reserve the right to reject submitted answered prayers if they do not meet the criteria above.
5. Brick codes will expire after one year from date of donation or distribution.
6. When making a donation towards The Wall, donors are not purchasing a physical brick but are donating towards the realisation of the project and related cost. There is no tangible benefit offered to donors in exchange for a donation and all donations are made without any conditions applied.
7. No refunds are to be made for donations provided unless stipulated under the Charities 2011 Act. (England and Wales). Separate conditions apply in Scotland under the OSCR guidance.
8. CBN UK is a registered charity number 1101659 (England & Wales). CBN is registered as a company limited by guarantee in England & Wales No. 04460911  Registered address: 161 Holme Lacy Road, Hereford. HR2 6DG

9. We reserve the right to change these terms and conditions at any time. You should therefore check the terms and conditions regularly.