At CBN Europe we have committed the highest standards of integrity and accountability. As such, we submit to regular independent audits and seek honesty, integrity and transparency in all we do. We believe that God’s work must be done in accordance with the principles of his Kingdom. As part of that commitment to transparency we have made our Annual Accounts available to download at the bottom of this page

As CBN Europe, we are a registered charity in England and Wales that operates across the UK and Europe. We also have a subsidiary company (CBN Resources Ltd.) which handles all sales that support our charitable activity.

We are a part of the global CBN Ministry but are a separate, self-supporting legal entity. As such we submit separate accounts to HMRC. For more information on the wider finances of CBN, click here.

On this page, you can download our annual Accounts and Trustee Reports.
For more information visit the Charities Commission website.

Annual Accounts and Trustees Report