In the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, its easy to get caught up in taking care of our physical bodies while neglecting the well-being of our inner selves. As Christians, we are called to steward not only our external actions but also the condition of our hearts and minds. Join us in this devotional as we explore the importance of nurturing the inner man.

Time With God

Read Psalm 46:10.

In the activity of our daily lives, it’s easy to become consumed by our obligations, responsibilities, and distractions. Amidst the chaos, we often neglect the most vital relationship we can ever have – the one with our Creator. 

Spending time with God is not merely an option; it is an essential part of our spiritual journey. It is in those moments of communion that we find solace, strength, and direction. As we draw near to Him, we discover the depth of His love and the boundless grace He extends to us. 

When we set aside dedicated time for God, we invite Him to transform our lives from the inside out. It is during these sacred moments that we open ourselves to His guidance, wisdom, and revelation. We find our spirits refreshed, our souls replenished, and our faith strengthened. 

In the presence of God, we are reminded of our true identity as His beloved children. We are reassured that we are not alone in our struggles, for He walks with us every step of the way. The noise of the world fades away, and we are enveloped by His peace and joy. 

Spending time with God is not merely an option; it is an essential part of our spiritual journey.

Let us not allow the activity of life to keep us from the source of all life. Let us prioritise our relationship with God and make room for Him in our daily routines. In carving out time for Him, we unlock the extraordinary, experiencing the extraordinary in the midst of the ordinary. 

Questions –  

  1. How can you prioritise spending quality time with God in your daily schedule? 
  2. What are some practical ways you can create a quiet and peaceful atmosphere to connect with God? 
  3. How can you maintain consistency and discipline in your commitment to spending quality time with God, even when you face challenges or difficulties? 

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  • Pamela Batten

    I simply loved this devotional..I was having a hard time today.. I listened to this devotional and ended up praying and I spent time with the Lord which was so wonderful..I needed this word today..Thank you so much..
    Your truly,
    Pamela Batten

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