4 Things We’ve Learnt From The Psalms

By Fin Sheridan

Well, that’s it! August ends today and with it, our month in the Psalms. Throughout this month, we’ve been exploring the lessons of the 150 songs and poems that make up the book of Psalms. We hope they’ve inspired and challenged you in your walk with God – and we’d love to hear how!

Before we move on to September and all that holds, let’s just take a moment and reflect back on what we’ve learnt during this month.

We’ve discovered that God wants to know everything about our lives. One of the central messages of Psalms is that God wants to be involved in all aspects of our lives – the good, the bad and the ugly! We learnt about the universal search for happiness. We learnt about how God’s word can help us in tough times. We even learnt about what God thinks about how well we sleep!

We learnt how to study God’s word better. At CBN READ, we want to help you understand God’s word for yourself! We looked at some ways to do that – like looking at the tense of a verse. We asked some difficult questions about the text. We explored places that Jesus is found in the Psalms and how the whole Bible points to him.

There’s something powerful and special about diving in deeper to the Bible!

We looked at how the Psalms have impacted culture. The Psalms continue to change and influence the world around us. We heard from an NFL quarterback and how he is learning to seek God’s face. We watched an interview between a pastor and one of the world’s best known rock stars.

We’ve explored what the Psalms say about human life. The Psalms not only teach us about God – they also help us know ourselves. We’ve seen about how our hearts lead our lives and the importance of loving God above all else. We’ve asked questions about integrity. We’ve dived into how godly friendships can influence our lives and how important they are.

There’s something powerful and special about diving in deeper to the Bible. If you’ve been impacted, encouraged or challenged by these or any of the other CBN READ articles, then we’d love to hear from you in the comments section below!

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