Interview with Jasmina, Orphan’s Promise Coordinator

By Fin Sheridan

To help you get to know the faces behind the ministry, CBN READ has been sitting down with the people who serve here at CBN Europe. We caught up with Jasmina, the Orphan’s Promise UK Coordinator to find out what is going on in Orphan’s Promise!

So, Jasmina, what’s your role here?

I’m the Orphan’s Promise UK Coordinator. Basically, that means that I am responsible for the funds that come into OP UK. I coordinate relationships with our partners, organise communication to them, etc. I also am currently working on the potential future projects of Orphan’s Promise here in the UK.

Potential projects you say… so we currently don’t have any running yet?

That’s right. We support Orphan’s Promise in Europe and across the world but we don’t currently have any Orphan’s Promise projects in the UK. The exciting news is that we’re currently on the lookout for some! We’re restarting here, with a more ‘hands on’ approach to meet some of the needs in the UK. There are some real needs and as Orphan’s Promise, we want to meet them.

What sort of projects are you looking for? Or is that top secret?

Well, Orphan’s Promise is all about vulnerable children. So we’re exploring what that means for the children of Great Britain. We’re looking for projects that reach out to children in need and projects that want to see people meet Jesus.

It could be practical like a sports outreach programme. It could be something that supports families. But yes, we’re focused on children and young adults.

“We’ve found that people want to help and make a difference, they just need an outlet. Orphan’s Promise offers that.”

Is there a big need for that in UK?

Absolutely. There are huge practical needs with many children living in urban poverty. There are many families with difficult practical and home situations and it’s often harder to see or notice that because we’re not in a third world context. Beyond that though, there are real spiritual needs that need to be met… By the way, it’s quite nice having you write for me whilst I just speak. Can you do this more?

Absolutely not, I’m extremely busy. Normally. Sometimes…

Well if anyone is reading this and they want to volunteer to write down my words, they can get in touch…

I’m sure they will. On a more realistic note, how can people get involved?

We’re so grateful for the people who partner with us financially. We rely on their generosity and so we’re always glad when people feel motivated to give in that way.

The other big thing is getting the word out there about Orphan’s Promise.. If you have a heart for the children and YP of the UK,  then please consider mentioning Orphan’s Promise to people. We’d love to connect with local churches and partner with them. It’s about getting the word out there. We’ve found that people want to help and make a difference, they just need an outlet. Orphan’s Promise offers that.

If you’d like to give to Orphan’s Promise then you can click the button below, visit or you can call us on 0300 561 0700. Thank you so much – your generosity is changing lives!

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