Journal The Journey

By Fin Sheridan

Why do we take photos? I was in London last week (for the announcement about The Wall – which you should check out btw!) and, as we walked along the bridge in front of Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament, there were dozens and dozens of tourists taking photos of the iconic buildings and selfies with their loved ones. Confession – I even took a few myself!

We take photos to capture moments, to remind ourselves of spaces and places and memories. We do it to remember what happened and when we look at a photo, it transports us back there; the feelings, the sounds, the enjoyment, the taste. Photos are for remembering but they’re also for re-experiencing.

Journalling can be an excellent way of “photographing” spiritually. Our memories and our self awareness can be quite fickle, leading us to think that “It’s always been this way” or “I’ve always done this”. That might not be the case and having a journal to go back and read back can give some much needed perspective.

“Keeping a record of what God has done produces praise and fuels faith.”

Maybe writing a prayer down is how you best process things between you and God. What may be hard to speak out can be easy to write down. Perhaps you’ve noticed something special in your Bible time and want to reflect and remember. Jotting it down gives you a place to re-experience and revisit where God has spoken to you.

As we go through life’s seasons; the mountains and valleys, the seasons and the trials, we need reminders of what God has done before, to help grow our faith for what is ahead. When you need financial provision, there’s no better way to encourage yourself then to remind yourself of when God has provided before. Keeping a record of what God has done produces praise and fuels faith.

Journalling is not a revolutionary new idea but it is one that can be incredibly profound. If you’ve never tried it, why not start? If you used to, maybe now is the time for a new notebook and a fresh try?

Prince of Peace

Everlasting Father

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