“To the Mothers”

By Fin Sheridan

To the mothers who carried us around, 9-ish months of cramps, swelling and nausea whilst we wriggled around happily. We’re sorry that we made a trip to the car feel like an expedition up Everest.

To the mothers that lay there, sweaty, exhausted and wide eyed as we noisily entered the hospital room. We didn’t mean to hurt so much.

To the mothers that murmured words of love as we slept for the first time. Somewhere, deep in our memories, we remember those words.

To the mothers that got up, night after night after night, to feed us, rock us, change us, look at us. We weren’t very good at telling the time back then.

To the mothers that took us to nursery, telling us that we were brave little boys and girls, that you’d be back soon and for making sure we didn’t see you cry as you walked back to the car. We didn’t mean to upset you.

To the mothers that bought us our first school uniform, all shiny and colourful. We felt like the smartest child that there ever was.

To the mothers that sat with us and explained our maths homework again and again, even though we just couldn’t seem to understand. We still don’t, if we’re honest but that’s not your fault.

To the mothers that always tried to get to the match, recital and performance. We played extra hard because we knew that you were watching.

To the mothers that made our favourite meal for tea and held our hands when our hearts broke. We healed through your love.

To the mothers that made sure we had all the utensils we needed, when we went to uni. We didn’t know it then, but lending the potato masher to the pretty girl next door led to us finding the partner of our dreams.

To the mothers that stressed about what to wear to the wedding for weeks and weeks. We weren’t very helpful because, really, we think that you still look great in anything.

To the mothers that have guided and shaped and grown and wept and laughed and sighed and shouted and have loved and do love and will love. We just want to say “thank you”. Happy Mother’s Day, Mum.

Prince of Peace

Everlasting Father

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