In a world where emotions and subjective experiences often shape our decisions, it is crucial to anchor our lives in the unchanging truth of God’s Word. Together, we will explore various passages and principles that emphasise the significance of aligning our lives with the absolute truth found in Scripture.


Read John 17:17 & Psalm 119:160.

In a world filled with ever-changing opinions and ideologies, it is crucial for us to anchor our lives on an unchanging foundation – God’s truth. The Bible, God’s Word, is the ultimate source of truth that stands firm throughout all generations.  

Jesus, in Matthew 7:24-25, compares those who build their lives on His teachings to a wise man who builds his house on a rock. When the storms of life come, the house remains unshaken. Likewise, when we base our lives on God’s truth, we are fortified against the uncertainties, doubts, and temptations that threaten to sweep us away.  

The importance of basing our lives on God’s truth lies in its transformative power. As we immerse ourselves in His Word, we encounter the revelation of His character, promises, and will. We gain wisdom, discernment, and clarity in our decisions and actions. In Psalm 119:105, it says, “Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path,” illustrating how God’s truth illuminates our journey. 

Living according to God’s truth also fosters intimacy with Him. As we align our lives with His Word, we grow in our understanding of His love and faithfulness. Our relationship with God deepens, and we experience the peace and joy that come from walking in harmony with Him.  

As we immerse ourselves in His Word, we encounter the revelation of His character, promises, and will.

Let us, therefore, commit ourselves to immerse in God’s truth daily through prayer and study of His Word. By doing so, we establish a solid foundation for our lives, one that will endure the tests of time and trials. Embracing God’s truth empowers us to live purposefully, faithfully, and victoriously, glorifying Him in all we do. 

Questions –  

  1. What do these verses teach us about the nature of truth?  
  2. Why is it essential for our lives to be grounded in God’s Word?  
  3. How do our feelings and emotions sometimes conflict with the truth of the Bible?  
  4. Can you think of an example from your own life when you had to choose between following your feelings and aligning with God’s Word? 

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