We Have Moved!

By Christine McGivern

For over 18 years, CBN has been touching lives here in the UK. Over the years we have grown and expanded, as more and more people engage with the vision of CBN.

In the beginning of the year  the Lord gave us a verse from Joshua chapter 1, where the Lord instructed Joshua to be bold and courageous to lead the people of Israel into their promised land. For us, this is a spiritual move just as much as it is a physical move, where the Lord has promised to give us every place where we set our foot – and that He would go before us.

We are pleased to announce we have officially moved!  Last month, CBN Europe hosted the official launch event for our new building “The Anvil”. Converted from an old monastery, it’s become a dynamic environment of prayer, creativity and influence.

The launch event featured inspiring presentations by CBN directors and senior staff to showcase all God is calling us to as a ministry. In our new offices, we will also have space for a studio from where we can start recording testimonies and TV content that will touch the heart of this nation with the Gospel in a relevant way. Local church leaders joined with us in prayer to dedicate this building. Many were stirred by the impact of CBN.

We know God will continue to raise us up as a people set aside for His purposes, to fulfil His command to ‘go into all the world and make disciples of all nations’, and fulfil the great commission as He instructed to all believers. We are excited to see what will happen through this building, in the coming years. Please continue to pray for the work of CBN here in the United Kingdom and Europe.

Prince of Peace

Everlasting Father

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