On September 8th, 2023, a devastating 6.8-magnitude earthquake rocked the region near the city of Marrakech. The death toll for the earthquake in Morocco now stands at over 2,800, reports say, with hundreds more left injured, homeless, and in dire need of assistance.

In the face of this catastrophic event, CBN’s disaster relief project team, Operational Blessing is one of the first NGOs on the ground supporting a country torn in two from this natural disaster.

Operation Blessing’s Diego Traverso, Head of International Relief is on the ground in Marrakesh, and told BBC Worcester this morning that, “Distribution of food and water is critical after 72 hours, there’s no electricity and people are sleeping on the streets.”

Many of the villages impacted are in remote areas and it is proving difficult to get heavy lifting equipment and supplies. The disaster relief team are currently having to wait in order to allow the rescue teams to do their job. Winter is also fast approaching which will make the situation worse.

Diego added: “We really need more money to keep helping.” We believe in standing together, showing compassion and extending the love of God to those who need it most. The relief and aid that is required is not just for now, we are committed to being on the ground here to help rebuild this community as we have done previously for the Turkey Earthquake victims and the people displaced from the Ukraine War.



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