What is a Habit?

What is a habit? I’m going to paraphrase here, but a habit is something – an action – that you’ve done enough times for you to be able to complete without conscious effort. Whether it’s the first coffee of the day, fastening your seat belt when you get in a car, or clicking on the TV when you’re winding down, they’re ingrained behaviours you don’t have to think about. They’re also the mind’s reflexes, the soul’s instant responses and our thought patterns. They come naturally.  

But are they all good for you?  

Just because it’s second nature it doesn’t mean that it’s something that will improve your health, your mood or your career, does it? We’ve all heard about people’s resolutions to ‘kick a habit’, so they can’t all be great.   

As I’ve been mulling over habits in my own life, I’ve found it really helpful to personify them. It might sound silly but go with me here. I’ve started to think of bad habits as a person who’s not good for me, whether in body or mind and think of my good habits as the person I want to be, encouraging me to take steps forward in my life.

Over the next few days, we’ll look at some scriptures that guide us in how to practically embrace the habits that will grow us and to graciously break up with the things that are holding us back.  

‘This has been my practice, I obey your precepts.’

(Psalm 119:56 NIV) 

Action it: 

As we get ready to dive deeper into this subject, let’s take a bird’s-eye view of the difference habits can make.

Read today’s verse and ponder it. Maybe read it in a few translations to let it soak in a bit deeper. Read it aloud and let the words take shape in your mouth. Take this moment today to ask the Holy Spirit to highlight areas of your life that need a shake-up.

Perhaps there are habits that would grow you if you started them and things that could break some chains from you if you shook them off. Keep your heart and mind open as you pray – the promptings you receive might not be what you expect. 

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